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happy chinese new year to all my friends. all theb est in everything u do in this brand new year ! gong xi gong xi

once again..  

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im not the first 1 to wish u on ur bday, but thats what i intended to do. im trying to be special,so here is once again, wishing u a very happy birthday , hope im the last person who wish u ^^

Balik kamp0ng rush  

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Finally, something inspired me to revive my dead blog for good. Been sooo long since i last posted.

Today, straight away after class, it is already 17:08, so i dash to bus stop as fast as i could becoz the nx bus heading for ktm is at 17:15. luckily, somehow i made it so i save my rm1 for gambling in these coming few days XD.

Once i reached the ktm station, wow it is packed, the queue to buy ticket was long like nuts. im forced to queue up, out of all the days, today i left my TnG card at home. So clever indeed of myself. salute ! after buying the ticket, went to the railway to wait for our good old pathetic train to arrived. luckily i didnt wait that long so, im glad indeed. but then, the amount of ppl waiting for the train is 1 hella lots of peeps. This year seems to be abit lucky year for me as the train's door stop right infront of me, i manage to get in.eventhough i cant get a seat but im happy enough to board the train without needing to waste time.

Soon the train departed. Not longer after that, we reached batang benar in no time. Batang benar is used to be a dead railway station as people rarely appear that. But for todays, once we reached that station, this is the reaction of people there

the train that i am currently boarding is already packed with people, as soon as we reached that suppose-to-be-dead-station is now packed of people ! wow, this is the first time i see so many people at that particular station.

Soon we reach Banggi, and here is the look of people there.Yet again soooooo many people, i mean seriously soooo many people is trying to board the train again from here.

For the next few stop, their emotion is oso the same.

And finally, i reached my destination, serdang. fuh after all the hecticness and tiredness, i finally reach. While waiting for my dad to pick me up, another incident happen where 1 kelisa banged into a myvi. What happen was, the myvi stop right beside the kelisa which is parking by the roadside. Out of sudden, the parked kelisa decided to move so she drove out and there is the bang sound. XD nothing serious happen actually just some scratches to the myvi.

Finally, wanna wish a happy birthday to my special person, wish all ur dreams come true and stay happy forever. ^^

Dedication to kw part 2  

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nah this is for u to ease u from missing chiwawa too much XD
u should watch this movie since u miss her so much XD

Dedication to kw  

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purposely make a dedication for you...


...... coming soon XD


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finally its about 768 hours i had not blog anything. been pretty busy the past month, busy exam, sick like hell, assignments, bla bla bla.

Finally i'm free from college life for 2 months.

gonna start workin tmr but don feel like workin because munchy is sick. she had been vomitting the wholeday, and pratically ntg in her stomach. brought her to clinic and the doc told that she might eat something wrong. we suspect that it's food poisoning and the doc ave her some medicine to eat. seems like not working as she is stil vomitting rite till now.. if this continues, ill bring her to hospital to get some glucose back into her body or else her body will breakdown, skipping work on my very first day.

hope u will get well soon, its painful and sufferin to see u suffering alone =( god plz help her



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Out of all the subjects and class i got right now, the class that i enjoy the most is Internet Technology's lab class. In this lab class, we are taught on how to create a webpage, using CSS and bla bla bla. This is the only class i feel interesting because there is not much lectures. I prefer more praticals than theories studying subjects. In this lab, we learn how to use htmls. 

This is the tutorial example that we did. We are asked to create a webpage for customers to make reservations to eat in a cetain restaurants.

Logo -> company's logo is positioned here
Banners -> company's banner is located here
Navigation bar -> this is a section where customers can browse through different part of the website
Content -> this is where the information will show up depending on what customers click on navigation bar
Footer -> this is where the company's website creator's name will show up ( thats me XD )

This is the first menu clicked on the navigation bar.
Once u click on the package, the content bar will change into the packages available in the restaurants. ( menus and food available ) After that, there will be a choice of package A or package B where users can choose their own. If the users click on package B link, the page will jump down instantly to show the menu and food available in package B. If the user decide to change back to menu A, they can either scroll up again or click TOP that will bring them back up to the top of the page for them to choose either package A or package B again. 

This is the reservation menu where users can enter their name,Hp, number of tables they wish to book and so on.

This is the last part of the website where if users want to know more about the restaurants, they can click "About us " to find out more about this restaurants. Such as contact number, histories, or even the map location of this restaurants.

All of the pages looks simple and not so complicated right ? but the coding behind all these pages are not easy to come out with. You will have to understand deeply on how the htmls works, the coding, the tags all will give you a big headache if you have little informations about html. 

Lets look at the simple coding behind reservation page up there.

Now we try looking at the packages coding XD. much more complicated and more works to do.

Thats all for the coding class. Too back we will have finals exams on this but not making a webpage, using hand writting to explain some tags term maybe ? Finals is in 3 more weeks and alot of assignments is due-ing next week. @@ 

Hope i got the strenght to hang on till my holidays come. XD

short semester.  

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i am currently in a short semester where we study only about 2 months. So every subject in this semester is nothing but RUSH RUSH RUSH ! All our subject's credit hour are doubled from a normal semester. Which means that we will see our lecturers almost everyday and trying to complete syllabus in time. In about 1 month time, i will be sitting for my finals. It is so damn fast ! But after all these hardworks, our efforts will be paid off with 2 months holiday. Woohoo

Now have a look of my time table.

Looks like my timetable is just like any normal semester right ? Not when we have 2 lesser subject and our time is very limited to be used. Our assignments, test, projects due date are so close to each other. i seriously should have taken just 2 subjects for this semester so i will not have to be so tiring and exhausted.

To make matter worst, i received 1 email on 1 fine day that changed my fine day..

I am currently enrolled in Cisco networking academy which is another certification from a network academy. Consist of few levels and i'm in second level currently. As u can see, it mentioned in the emails saying that i have a class on monday from 6-9pm and wednesday 5-9pm. HOLYSHIT ! This adds up my total hours in class for monday is 9 hours and on wednesday 8 hours. Gone through this time table for 1 week already and i fall sick during the weekend. Hope i dont fall sick anymore during this weekend because of overworked and tiredness..1 more month to go.. Gambatte to myself le.. =_="

Hope i will be manage to tahan for another 1 more last month before i fall down. I need strenght ! Looks like i need to consume more 100 plus, livita and blablabla ( all the energy replenish drinks ) and probably bananas. XD

Holiday is coming in few more days time.. Time to rest myself up well and earn some money. Gonna work on Raya holidays in TGV again which i expecting to work from opening 9 am+ till closing probably 1 am +. For those few days, im expecting to reach home about almost 2 am and sleep for like 6 hours and then wake up again to bath and head to work again. TGV makes sure u pay me well for overworking me ! *grin*

*Praying that i wont fall sick anymore * plz plz plz

Revolution ?  

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In today's modern technology world, everything around us is moving forward drastically and we could hardly keep up with it.Here is the set of pictures that resembles revolutions of technologies.

During the 1940s, only black and white

During the 1970s i think. Color revolution is beginning.

Future technologies, in year 2XXX.

Students can just sit@lie down on their bed while attending class using their LCD monitors.(wish i could have it now )

Imagine your sitting and studying in your room with air conds, wateva food that u want to have .

This way, u can go MIA even though the lecturer is teaching and still get attendance. hohoho. Really dream that day will come soon. ^^

Paranormal world. Trying to detect whether there is unseen students with our naked eyes is the class studying with us.. what is the 2 dark line by the side of the screen ?? spooky..


Okay okay back to today's world. Bad students which sitting at the back rows are full of ideas how to spend time in class. XD

Malaysian's version of president Lee Kuan Yew@Lee Khuang Yew trying to act cute and post which he failed miserably

Where is the lecturer ? This is the best time in class that i love the most. Break time !! Time to sleep or go walk walk to get fresh air XD
Chamwhoring while i was boring in 1940s class.

Cam whoring 2 during 1970s. Wow my face didnt change 1 bit in 30 years ! i think i can chase technologies many years to come

A very tiring student in class. Really sweet dream hor ? Kevin not bad hor, you made appearance at 2 blogs leh.. u should be proud and happy. haha

P/S : Mr. Sow,Mr. Richard Tham and Ms. Pahala sorry for uploading your teaching photos without approval. Haha.


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here is some of the pictures regarding on Joey's farewell trip

Here is the front view for the present that yogis them get for him

Here is the back view of it ( with almost all of our names in it LOL )

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

So Joey Choon, remeber the promise that u made. Since ur walking around UK sight seeing for now, so make sure that u wear that shirt that they made for u around and take a picture with it, If not.. dont let us see u around in Malaysia anymore. wahahahah


Sneak previes of pictures of pangkor trips.

more stories about it coming soon...